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Biological fly control is a proven way to control flies before they become the adult pests that can spread disease and bother you and your horses. These tiny gnat sized fly parasites deposit their eggs in the fly pupa and destroy the immobilized fly during its pupal stage, long before it can become an adult pest. As well by reducing the use of harmful chemicals, natural systems of beneficial predators, like Hister Beetles, can flourish.

Step 1 – Locate your
worst fly breeding habitats

The primary fly breeding habitats in horse stables are those areas where manure builds up along fence lines (tough to clean up areas), and where manure is stored for later removal or handling. These are the primary fly breeding habitats and this is where you’ll find fly larva in large concentrations.

Step 2 – Put your fly
parasites to work

It’s now time to release your fly parasites and let them go to work for you. Working along the fence line, choose the areas of greater build-up, then simply peal open the top of the pack and shake out a small quantity of the fly parasites on to the manure. Continue with this process, until you’ve covered as much of the stable as possible. As the season progresses, you’ll begin to clearly recognize the worst fly breeding habitats. You should release your fly parasites there first, and then move to the secondary habitats. This is the same procedure you’ll follow with the arrival of each shipment of Organic Cowboy™ Fly Parasites

Step 3 – Maintain an effective program

Your fly parasites are now doing their job, but there are things you can do optimize your season long fly control. Along with releasing the proper number of fly parasites throughout the season, weekly stall and barn cleanup can greatly reduce the amount of fly breeding habitat and effectively interrupt the fly breeding cycle. Cleanup and limited spray use in fly roosting habitats (where adult flies rest), can complement your biological fly control program. Just be sure never to apply the chemical sprays in areas where you release your fly parasites.

Whether you choose to receive your fly parasites every other week or monthly, be sure to release them within 48 hours of arrival. This helps you stay ahead of the flies, and insures that the fly parasites are fresh and ready for action. If you choose to store them for a few days, keep them refrigerated, to slow their metabolism.

The proper frequency and procedures will improve your fly control

Frequency and quantity of application are important

Your fly parasites are ready do their job, but to optimize your biological fly control program you need to release them frequently enough to interrupt the fly’s breeding cycle. You see, during the peak of the season a new generation of flies can emerge in as short a time as 14 days. That’s why we recommend that you release your fly parasites every other week, at quantity levels that allow you to continuously populate all the trouble spots at your stable.

With an Organic Cowboy program you will release more fly parasites during the season, but you will achieve a more efficacious and effective biological fly control program. When your fly control program becomes more organic, you increase the potential for natural dung-dwelling predators to help in the control of flies. Click through to our order page and follow our easy to use order form – and when you receive your first order – follow the suggestions on this page, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a summer without being pestered by flies.


Order your
Organic Cowboy
fly parasites now