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Biological fly control for your stable

Fly parasites are a time-honored tool in the battle against pest flies, killing flies long before they become adults that spread disease and bother you and your horses. Our harmless gnats-sized guys prey on and kill flies, like a predator, the natural way. And as you remove chemicals, fly pupa-devouring beneficial predators such as Hister Beetles can thrive and enhance the overall fly control at your horse barn.


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Season-long fly control

The Organic Cowboy™ Fly Parasites are a proven blend that offer economical and safe season-long fly control – the natural way. Biological fly control is a proven way to control flies before they become the adult pests that can spread disease and bother you and your horses.

The science of fly parasites

Fly parasites are a species of parasitoids from the Pteromalidae family and they are endemic to North America. They are a species-specific parasite, laying their eggs exclusively in fly pupa providing control of house flies, stable flies and horn flies.

Reduce fly numbers and reduce stress on your horses

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Find out how real Organic Cowboy users are helping their stables become fly free by building natural predator populations along side biological control, with tips and feedback from the real world of horse owners, stable managers and riders around the country. One owner put it this way – “We love our little predators, it really makes living with horses close to the house livable”.

Tips, tales and

Gleaned from over 35 years of experience in the natural management of fly control. Learn to achieve a more efficacious and effective biological fly control program – as well as updates and offers only found in the Organic Cowboy journal.

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